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We’re very proud of all of our partners with which we have worked hard in making the world a better, cleaner, simpler place.
We needed someone to take care of our website and branding, and man they did an outstanding job. Far from being another project for them, we made a team sharing the same goal: spreading our concepts through our community no matter what and this landed perfectly. Linnify offered great skills not only technical, but communication wise, which made a great impact leading to a long-lasting partnership between us.
Academia de prim ajutor
They offered us a solution on which we agreed. Before starting the development they came up with an even better solution which benefited us more and cost a lot less than the initial one. They are always taking an interest into how to help you grow your business and assist you every step of the way. They exceeded our expectations in every area.
Beez Software
Software Development
Their response times and communication were impressive. Every time I had questions or an issue appeared I could call one of the founders or the person in charge of the project. They were always direct and transparent in discussions and made us feel that we were building the project together. Initially, the process lacked structure, but they were able to improve and adapt to my needs as we moved on.
PAOLO CUMIN, Business Manager
Mobile App Development
I really enjoyed the process of working with them. One of the reasons we hired them was because it felt like a good fit from the beginning, and they continued to be responsive throughout the project. I would speak to them several times a week, and they were always engaged and open to feedback as well as providing their thoughts back to me. Their project management team is really excellent, so lean on them and they will help you to accomplish everything that you want.
STEFAN SCHMITT, Managing Director
Zorc Cybernetics
Web Development
We were impressed by the communication skills and the connection we developed during the project. Their team was responsive and understanding regarding the product requirements and pace we wanted.
MIRCEA VADAN, Managing Partner
Activize & AudioBrief.News
Custom Software Development
Conceptualise, design and build a website. Easier than ever.
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